Monday, November 19, 2012

What Kathryn's Wearing to Thanksgiving---Gratitude Chic!

This Thanksgiving I plan on reuniting with my long lost Nana's pumpkin pie! No holds barred -- I am going to eat literally whatever I want! But for some weird reason it helps me not go overboard on the portions when I wear something cute to dinner...c'mon,I know I'm not the only one!! So, without further's what I'm wearing on Turkey Day. I'm thinking of calling it "Gratitude Chic".

Knitted Taupe Dress with Silver Polka Dot
 (Mt. Lebanon Store)


~Classic Casual~
Taupe Sweater $50, Red Plaid Shirt $58, Vintage Denim Shirt $60
All from (Mt.Lebanon)
Printed Dress $52 (Sewickley), Stripe Dress $58 (Mt.Lebanon)
                                                                    ~Comfy Cute~
Basic Tee $15, Grey Sweater with Sequins Elbow $70 (Sewickley/Mt.Lebanon)
Aztec Skirt $70 (Sewickley)

     **Styles featured in this post will be in stores on Tues November 20th**

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