Monday, December 10, 2012

How to thrift..

While we will never say we are expert thrifters we will say that we have collected some pretty beautiful things over the years. Like this cabinet that we had No Good Riding Hood restore to use as the Sewickley Store's checkout counter. We highly recommend you taking a peak at their facebook page for help with all of those gems you will find on your hunt.

 Before giving you our rules of the hunt we first thought we would share with you our favorite places to hunt for loot and why they are great.

The Antique Mall in Bellevue:  this place is great for smaller items like an end table or a cute antique to accent that empty dresser top of yours- and it's in a giant purple building so what's not fun about that already?

Construction Junction in Point Breeze: this place is huge! And the best part about it: things go on sale depending how long they have been there! This is the best place to find desks, tables and other pieces that are great for restoration.

Craigslist  get all the fun while staying at home just make sure you get detailed pictures of each piece before you pick it up to save yourself an hours trip each way for a vanity without a back...not that that has happened or anything...crap.

After you have gotten into the swing of thrifting with these places you have graduated to the next level! You are now ready for estate sales and yard sales where the real hunt lies! We've found the local paper to be the best place for the heads up on this outings.

Now that you have somewhere to go now here are the rules of the game::

1. If you think it's junk-it is. Simple as that. Many a trips we have had where we brought home that kind of cool looking mannequin head or whatever weird thing is may be home only to realize that it will go right into the trash.

2. Will you use it? This is a good one to think about if you are on the fence with a purchase. 9 times out of 10 you won't.

3..Is that a good price? You may be in love with something but ask yourself if you can get it somewhere else unused for cheaper.

4. The final rule: timing is everything! Yes, you do want to get to the sale early to see the cream of the crop but we've found waiting towards the end of the day always leads to the best deals since most people just want to get rid of their wares.

With all of those rules in the back of your head just remember to have fun! And check out some of the goodies we have collected that call Rosewood it's home!

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