Friday, December 7, 2012

The Top 5 Must Haves!!!

Hi Ladies!! We wanted to give a shout out to Valarie Panei today!

 Valarie is a makeup artist and all around beauty expert check out her website for a total list of what she can offer you this holiday season! We asked her to share her favorite beauty tips and products to help you look complete your total holiday look!  Enjoy!

1. Josie Moran 

- great for all skin types ( don't let the oil word mislead you ). Super great source of antioxidants / fatty acids. Use on face / hair and nails. Will give you glowing radiant skin!!!! And I swear its helped my eyelashes to grow - i always brush my closed lids with the excess that's left in my hands.  I can't love this product anymore!!!!!



- two step daily process. Like a facial in a can. Contains alpha hydroxy acid to exfoliate and erase fine lines. Clears imperfections, controls oil, minimizes pores. It's good for even sensitive skin - vegan and paraben free!

-Creamy face scrub.  Has tiny microbeads that are a gentle exfoliator /  Good for even sensitive skin. I use every other day - because I also use the peel pads above. Too much exfoliate will actually do the reserve and possibly cause breakouts and sensitive skin. 

- all in one face product. Acts as a primer, foundation, serum , and sunblock ( if it contains sunscreen). Great for everyday wear. can be used like a tinted moisturizer ( more coverage than a tinted moisturizer ). Cheap!!!! 


- it's a multi functional  item - use on cheeks and lips!! Creates a dewy flush look. Silky smooth texture. Can wear on top of bb cream or with a full face of makeup !  Color range is wide - most any skin time can use it. Apply: dot ring and index fingers in it - dot on to cheeks and blend well. Apply again for more color. 

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