Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Perfect Packaging

Hi Ladies!! Since we have seen so many of you in both of the stores buying your friends and family such cute goodies we wanted to feature a blog post showing you how to take that gift to the next level with this easy wrapping tutorial inspired by all of those gorgeous pins floating around Pinterest like these:

First start off with all of your supplies: a few boxes, 3-5 sheets of your favorite colored tissue paper, a roll of tulle, a few writing instruments one having a round eraser, scissors, our favorite glitter tape (because we didn't have any clear tape), the item that will be getting the special treatment, an ink pad, some cute string and finally these FREE printable gift tags we found at Creature Comfort Blog and here are some other Free printable tag websites Kelli Murray, Pixelstixgraphics, and Shimtokk

Start by laying out your tissue and place your neatly folded item in the center of the paper like so
Next Fold the tissue around and tape closed

After that trim both sides of the paper and take the trimmed sides and fold them into a triangle and tape them close to middle 

yeah, we know it looks a little scary but thankfully that will be the bottom. 
Look how nice it looks when we flip her over!! Now grab your tulle and cut two pieces one being about double the length of your package and the other being about 3/4 of its size.
Take the smaller piece of tulle and tie it around the package with the knot being on the other side like the above picture. Now take the other piece of tulle and form a bow around the front like this:
Now it's time to address those adorable gift tags we showed you!
We just attached ours with some tape and voila! Look at your pretty package!!!

All that is left to do it place among your other pretty packages and enjoy looking like the gift wrapper that you've envisioned yourself to be every year but got to tired to actually do it!
To make the polka dot box we just used a pencil eraser and ink pad. 
The glitter box was easy too! Just glitter tape from Scrapbook or you can try Hobby Lobby


Stay tuned tomorrow for Free Printable Prints for your home this season.

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