Tuesday, January 15, 2013

BOX it up!

Well, January brings the snow, the cold, and the quietness. A lot of people did some major shopping in December and now January is the quiet after the storm. Here at Rosewood we are always shopping for the next season and getting ready for spring and summer. Is there anything you are wanting to see at Rosewood this season?

On our search for sweeter things to have a Rosewood, we kinda got captivated with these boxes that come to your door with goodies. Have you heard of Birch Box, Olive Box, or Sprig?


Birchbox is for all those makeup lovers out there that love to try new makeup lotions, blush, and lip gloss, but don't' want to spend a fortune. You pay $10 a month and get this lovely box to your door.                                                      

I loved the idea of getting stationary, washi tape, and other fun stationary things to your door! I first saw this on one of my favorite blogs, Decor 8. I am inspired constantly by Holly and everything she has to offer on her blog. This box is $25 per month. I can't wait to get my first one in the mail! Who doesn't love stationary goodies packaging!!



I don't know about you but we are trying to eat healthier these days. Like going gluten free, no GMOs, no hydrogenated oils, etc., and it gets super hard to find good healthy snacks. These are all gluten free which is pretty awesome. I just came across this service that sends you 8-10 snacks in the mail once a month. The cost to you is $26.95

Our goal this year is to try all of them and see what you really get in these goody-boxes that arrive at your door when you least expect it!

Can't wait! Stay tuned to find out what's inside of all of these!

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