Friday, January 11, 2013

So sick of my makeup!

So do you ever get tired of your look or the way you do your makeup the same every day? I do!

Pinterest has allowed me to dream about fun makeup ideas, but do I ever get around to doing them? No!

So it's a New Year and I'm making time for all the things that I have been wanting to improve on. Yesterday I was telling your about my workouts (here) and today is about beauty.

There are tons of Vloggers out there with beauty channels on You Tube but over this past year I have found some of my favorites. :) I'm currently obsessed with the idea of contouring your face using blush, bronzer, concealer, and highlighter. I first saw this on Pinterest when they showed how Kim Kardashian does her makeup to make her face appear more contoured and slim. I love this girl's board. It's called Beneath the Makeup.

The picture above kinda tells you what she does, but I found this video (below) by Cara at Maskcara.
She is incredible and shows you step-by-step how to do your own contour makeup and what goes where. 

This is my attempt at it. I'll need to take a picture of before, but I think it really works and I'm really fascinated by how you contour your nose to look different. I don't dislike my nose but it's cool to see an obvious change.

Her blog is awesome! She has tutorials on make-up and hair. One of my favorites is when she makes-up her mom. Check out the before and after! Beautiful!

My next Favorite for make-up tutorials is Tanya Burr and her amazing You Tube Channel.
Have you heard of this girl? She used to work at a department store makeup counter in London and would create celebrity-inspired tutorial videos on the side. Now she has such a following that she is able to just do youtube videos. It's amazing to watch her morph into various celebrities using only makeup. 

Here are my top 3 favorite videos.

Victoria Secret  Model Make-up

Lara Stone- Tom Ford Inspired Makeup

Brigitte Bardot Makeup

Do you have any favorite makeup tips?


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