Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Reorganize Time...

Besides losing weight getting organized is the most popular New Years resolution. And let's face it we could all use a little help in this department.

While hunting for the best ways to organize my closet I have to admit just reading the posts made me tired.
Each blog kept telling me to empty out everything in my closet and start from scratch except this blog which I  found the most helpful.

Another tip which seemed a little corny but actually helped me get into more of an organized mood was sketching out my closet space. The Creativity Exchange has this handy little worksheet that includes a place to sketch out your space along with some great questions!

Throughout my digging I discovered most people of expertise tell you to organize your closet one of three ways:
1. By color- making your closet fun to look at and hopefully will inspire you to keep it that way.

2. By style- meaning all dresses together, all tops together etc in hopes of making your clothing more shoppable each morning.

3. Or finally a few blogs said to sort your clothing by activity for example: all workout gear together, all dressy clothes together and so on and so fourth. Does anyone else think that one sounds weird?

My closet currently is organized by style and I think I'm going to go for color this go round just to spice things up. How do you ladies organize your closets? I'd love to know!!  Here's to hoping my closet gets the pick me up I'm looking for!

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