Thursday, January 17, 2013

Creating Joy

January is always kind of a blah month for me. I think it's mostly because I'm sick of passing up all the dresses in my closet and reaching for the same 5 sweaters. Anyone Else? The other day I had a bad case of the blah's (you know what I mean) so I decided to think about what brings me joy. These are the things I came up with (Don't laugh!) : Bicycles, creating things and/or creative people, decorating, and friends. Cheesy, I know but nonetheless totally true.

I decided I'd take this random list of things and filter it into a trip to Michaels. The first task combines two of my joys: bicycles and creating things. I bought these four paints, some paint brushes and a canvas and painted this bicycle. It's not great but it did stir up some true joy while creating it. 

The next task involved decorating. After spending months looking for the perfect desk to re-purpose I decided to just pull the trigger on one that I didn't have to paint and found this little corner desk. It's not super wild but I'm excited to put some beautiful things on/around it and make the perfect getting ready space.

Friends was the last item on the "joy list" and since I couldn't throw a rager with all my besties on a random Tuesday night I decided to look back on a recent great time with great friends: My friend Lauren's Pinterest explosion wedding- tell me those pics don't bring you some sort of joy!! 

There you have it folks. My joy project completed-
Here's to having a joyful day!


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