Thursday, January 10, 2013

Getting Fit in the New Year

Somehow getting in shape is always a popular resolution for the new year. The year changes, and like clockwork everyone whips into resolution awareness.

Well, I felt this way between Thanksgiving and Christmas. All those yummy holiday foods were just getting my body down. Luckily I found these great video workouts that truly only take 10 minutes to do and make your body hurt-so-good the next day.

My exercise gurus are Joe and Anthony from Hybrid Athlete.  You can get free downloads for workouts, videos and eating plans that will keep you wanting more. The cool thing about these brothers is that they are local. They used to have a Crossfit gym in Moon, and soon enough they grew into bigger and better things!
These guys are making moves all over so check them out on facebook and check out their website.

Recently, I have fallen in love with these two girls Katrina and Karena who run the blog Tone It Up. I found them on Livestrong You Tube Channel (aside from the whole Lance thing, an excellent resource) and then started to follow their blog. They have some awesome video workouts that are 8-10 minutes long. These are some of my favorites.

Three things I love about Tone it Up:
1. They show you how to do every move.
2. They make you feel like you are taking a class
3. They have great resources and tons of videos to choose from so you will never get bored.

Fine Toning Arm Routine
- I do this one almost 3 times a week it's the perfect morning arm workout when you have 10 minutes to spare.
Love Your Body
(Entire Body
- This workout will kick your entire body's butt. It will feel pretty easy until you go to bed that evening and realize you're sore already.

- In this routine, they give you 5 different workouts. After 3 sets and 20 minutes it will be well worth it!

The last workout I've checked out and done recently is on the KozakSportsPerform You Tube Channel.
The guy cracks me up who does the talking but this 7 minute plank workout kicked my butt!

Your won't regret trying any of these workout out!

I think I'm ready for swimsuit season to come early this year!

~Tomorrow we are going to talk about makeup tips for the new year!~

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