Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The five pairs of shoes you need in your closet...

First off if you don't have a pair of nude heels by now you are behind and need to run not walk to your nearest shoe store and get two or three pairs to make up for your tardiness...Ok not really but they are that big of a must have! They make your legs look so much longer and who wouldn't want to have legs for days like this girl?

you can find gems like these just about anywhere now but I've found Target and Nine West have the best deals and last the longest.

Unlike the nude heel the next shoe is more of a fun must have than an essential staple. I think every woman should have a fun printed flat in their closet? Why? Because it's always fun to style an outfit around a pair of shoes like the ones below and you are bound to get compliments if you pull it off correctly.

We all knew boots would be on this list but I have a few pointers for you before you purchase your next pair of riding boots! Tip number one: get a pair that is a little loose on your calves and tip number two: get a pair with a little bit of a heel of wedge. Both of these tips will help your legs look skinnier and longer especially in the
 winter when you aren't feeling your skinniest. These are some of my favorite styles.

Going along the boot theme every woman needs a cute pair of rain boots. We like Hunters Boots mostly because of all of the cute boot sock options!

To complete the perfect shoe collection every lady should have a nice wedge. I like rocking my wedges with jeans and blouses pretty much every other day! Is there any other shoe you think is a must have? Let us know! 

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